Physical Educaction » Physical Educaction- Mr. DeGrezia

Physical Educaction- Mr. DeGrezia


Unit -Teacher Led Exercise

Standards - 2.2.5.PF.1, 2.2.5.PF.2, 2.2.5.PF.3, 2.2.5.PF.4, 2.2.5.PF.5, 2.2.5.LF.1, 2.2.5.LF.2, 2.2.5.LF.4, 2.2.5.N.1

  • We are learning to develop healthy personal fitness habits.
  • We are learning to distinguish the different benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • We are learning to develop proper technique for performing exercises that enhance our physical fitness.
  • Mr. Degrezia 
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Johnnie Cochran Academy