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Mrs. Sosa's Spanish

Hola todos! / Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new school year. For those of you new to our district/school, my name is Adalgisa Sosa and It’s with great pleasure to introduce myself as your child Spanish teacher for the school year. I am thrilled to be working with you and your child in this amazing journey learning a second language. I love teaching Spanish, it's an absolute passion of mine. I’ve been teaching Spanish for 18 years, from my experience I understand the importance of motivating our children to be the best they can be and helping them become multilingual, is a way to make them stronger and skilled in the 21st. Century.
During this year your child will have the opportunity to explore Latin American Culture. We will explore language learning from its basics to cultural celebrations throughout the year to immerse in authentic settings and give your child the experience to travel virtually and engage in direct conversational Spanish with a native speaker (the teacher).
Yearly Teacher Objectives: Students will communicate using different strategies for understanding words and phrases to interpret familiar topics related to school, home, and the community making connections to Spanish speaking countries and their culture.
Students will be taught and guided using an Approved Content Curriculum aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standard, specifically for the Spanish language. The teacher will follow the Novice-Mid Proficiency Level. Students will understand and communicate at the word level, and will independently identify and recognize words and phrases that bring meaning to text. During this year your child will be learning at the Novice to Mid level (Introduction to Spanish) which focuses on vocabulary study, speaking, listening,
reading and writing at the beginning level.
Yearly units to study:
Unit 1 – All About Me
Unit 2 – School Days
Unit 3 – Home, Sweet, Home
Unit 4 – Food, Glorious Food
Unit 5 – Celebrations!
Unit 6 – Migratory Animals
Unit 7 – Going Green

These are the available units of study within our curriculum, the pacing guide will
be according to the student’s needs and development throughout the unit.

Points of Interest:
  • Our Spanish class will meet once a week.
  • Classwork assignments are due the same day they’re given.
  • When homework is given, it’s expected in the following class/week. Students have one week to complete their homework.
Grading Policy:
  • Classwork/Participation 35% (1 class assignment a week)
  • Oral Reports/Performance Tasks 35% (One participation grade per week)
  • Test/Quizzes (Grades 3-5) 30% (One test per Marking period, One Quiz per Unit)
Parents notes/Responsibility
  • Students have to study weekly
  • A notebook, a pencil and a folder are necessary
  • Check and review your child Spanish notebook and folder weekly
  • Class assignments/homework/reports/performance tasks/tests or quizzes will be published via Class Dojo/Schoology

The past year was challenging for us, so I hope everyone is excited and motivated to start this new school year with enthusiasm and expectancy for the best.

I am here for everyone! Please feel free to reach out via email or phone.